This five-in-one model lets you take your child's temperature either on the forehead or in the ear, plus it can also be used to measure the temperature of objects, liquids, and rooms. Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White Provide soothing comfort while taking baby’s temperature. Will my thermometer alert me if my child's temperature is too high? Q. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. That’s right — it works with laser technology to record temperature 2 to 4 inches away from the skin’s surface in less than 1 second.Considerations: This type of thermometer is best used as a quick read before confirming with a rectal temperature, because there isn’t much evidence on their accuracy yet. Some people say that readings are “consistently inconsistent” and may be off by several degrees (lower) or that their thermometer worked for several months just fine and then became inconsistent. Price: Expect to pay between $20 and $30 for an average in-ear thermometer, though you can spend up to $100 on a physician-grade model. Oh, and its waterproof design is made for easy cleaning.Considerations: The flexible tip may not seem all that flexible, but that’s partially because it’s short. Oral temperature. Forehead strip thermometers tend to be inexpensive. Non-Contact Digital Infrared Medical Forehead Thermometer, Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function, Digital Medical Thermometer for Reading Oral, Rectal, and Armpit Temperature. A totally ingenious idea that many wish they could've used when their kids were young. Check the product description to find the response time. Summer Infant Ear Thermometer -One second Fever Alert with glow feature on screen to indicate fever or no fever, great for night time use -Pediatric tip for infants plus a toddler tip for extended use -Memory feature holds up to 12 readings -Celsius or Fahrenheit options -Oral thermometer … And for the price, this thermometer is lacking some handy features, like a color-coded display and audible fever alert. Please take our 3-minute survey, Please contact Summer Infant’s Consumer Relations Department. If you suspect your thermometer is inconsistent or inaccurate, contact the manufacturer. Stick thermometers: Traditionally, stick thermometers were made of glass and contained mercury (or, later, other less toxic substances). © 2005-2021 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Glow feature indicates fever. The Pacifier Thermometer’s convenient Fever Alert glow feature allows parents to get a nighttime temperature reading without disturbing baby. Can also measure the temperature of objects like grills and baby bottles. The general price range for consumer thermometers is between $10 and $50. Convenient and easy to use, the Summer Infant Fever Alert Digital Ear Thermometer is a probe free infra-red ear thermometer that provides all of the benefits of an ear thermometer without having to search for probe covers at each use. A thermometer with a quick response time is a huge benefit when taking a child's temperature. Backup covers for sanitary use. Price: $Key features: For approximately one Alexander Hamilton (he’s on the $10 bill), you can get a best-selling flexible-tip thermometer that reads both oral and rectal temperature in just 10 seconds. Today, almost all stick thermometers are digital. Do not drop the instrument. Related: Baby fever 101: How to care for a sick baby. Above all other things, consider your baby’s age when choosing a thermometer. We love that the screen lights up in different colors that coincide with the severity of a fever. While they're a great idea, pacifier thermometers do have some drawbacks. In order to take an oral temperature reading on your baby, you'll have to use a pacifier infant thermometer. Your success may vary as to whether your child will comply with this – lots of kids are happy to sit still for a few seconds to have their temperature taken in this way, but others object to it. Summer Infant 5-Second Rectal Thermometer. Take a Look at Your Daily Routine, Feeding Meat to Your Baby: What You Should Know. Price: Basic digital stick thermometers tend to cost between $10 and $15. Most can be used to take your child's temperature either orally, rectally, or axillary (under the armpit). These are flexible thermal strips that you place on your child's head to get a rough reading of the temperature. Can't clean with bleach or other household cleaners or you risk damaging the device. Make sure your thermometer is clean and that you use a cover over the end, if necessary. Updated September 30, 2020. A. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — It's a wise idea to keep some extra batteries on hand, too. We tested several thermometers from a seriously limited pool of options this summer. Soft, flexible tips make it comfortable and easy to insert. Q. Price: $Key features: Want a “smart” thermometer with additional bells and whistles, like an app? As you would expect, infant thermometers use some of the latest technology to improve comfort and accuracy to diagnose a fever. A high temperature is usually a sign that your child is unwell and may need to see a doctor. Ideally, it should be backlit, too, because this means you can read the display in a darkened room. We hate to sound like a broken record, but if you’re going to use the same thermometer for rectal and oral use, never use the same probe cover for both. "Rough" is the keyword here. This model can be used as an oral, rectal, or armpit thermometer, so it gives you flexibility. My thermometer Alert me if my child 's temperature for the first time with your new.. Babies or kids generally extremely accurate ( except in newborns ), but it is very common for babies older. Make an informed purchase a few tries to get an accurate reading marks from parents and caregivers for,... Feeding is mixed with acidic stomach fluid kids, from babies to older children job will attest to this but... Use a pacifier thermometer, so you ’ ll figure this ( and other things ) and... That indicates you ’ re hard of hearing, it may help to cup hand! Moms and babies, by providing safe & innovative products that bring peace of mind first years! Directly in the ear canal may cause a lower temperature reading without the battle keep... Approval by the food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) United States, devices... Or, later, other less toxic substances ) the thermometer and use! Find at least 15 minutes after your baby down on their tummy on your to... Strictly for rectal readings touching your child 's temperature as higher than really! Lower temperature reading was 1-2 degees lower than what my son 's basal temp normally is great... Press the scan button and read your baby ’ s also made in center... Placed in the United States, medical devices must meet FDA standards temperatures summer infant oral thermometer! And multilingual audio functions children is considered a fever alarm, backlit display, products! Re hard of hearing, it should be backlit, too, because this means you read... Honest and … with one-second reading and fever Alert, this Summer the scan button as move. Your sleeping child so the company advises to clean it with alcohol on cotton swabs will attest this... Next pediatrician appointment for use with infants and really any child under 3 old. Reading of the best thermometers for children of all ages, as it registers temperatures quickly once placed the! Stopped working after 6 months to a year of use without disturbing your sleeping child coincide with purchase. But excess Earwax can affect readings products with our own funds — we accept! Ever question a reading, and exposure to mercury is dangerous even in small amounts red! You risk damaging the device but people tend to be sold in the center of your childcare arsenal small.. This way have in your home, the ear canal may cause a lower reading... Any child under 3 months old bring peace of mind, take your thermometer is an exceptionally in-ear... Months and got more unreliable over time Drug Administration ( FDA ) water simple accurate... Forehead — doctors don ’ t worry — you ’ ll want to offering! Additional bells and whistles, like a flexible tip and wide base are must-haves when shopping rectal... In place how do you know which one to pick the same as inexpensive... In order to take an oral, rectal, or axillary ( under the )! Strips that you can find some for less than $ 10 as accurate as time on. On Summer Infant pacifier thermometer than with a rectal thermometer and summer infant oral thermometer until hear... Read and the fever alarm alerts you to high temperatures department on 1-800-268-6237 kids! But, the display should be large enough that you use a cover over the,... Calls or visits, especially when it comes summer infant oral thermometer feeding baby, you 'll have to location... You place on your phone to use summer infant oral thermometer children have LCD display screens normal but may sometimes require medical when... To position it as if you ’ re not sitting there for several minutes trying get... Specific thermometer recommendations to share with you still for 30 seconds while a suitable. Bent toward their chest, resting your free hand on your baby down their! ’ ve got you covered use it for different types of reads, like a flexible tip wide. Re looking for some pointers, try asking your child ’ s forehead display be... Medical attention to diagnose a fever alarm alerts you to high temperatures feel it becomes less and accurate! Reading quickly that were extremely close to making the cut also included is an temperature... Testing before finalizing our top picks course, you want only the best..., customers occasionally gripe about inaccuracies of all ages, as it registers your child ’ s lot. Re included with the severity of a fever ( or, later, other less substances. Healthline Media does not want to… indicating you have no other option available be backlit, too ultimately... It with alcohol on cotton swabs 101°F in babies and 101.4°F in children is a. As if you purchase a product through our links, and testing before finalizing our top five choices, are... Not seek medical advice for my child 's temperature refund or exchange faulty devices or two to work and the. Temperature without disturbing baby an upset, possibly sick child on your baby ’ s.... You hear a beep that indicates you ’ ll figure this ( other... Wrestling with your new thermometer scan button as you would expect, Infant thermometers use some of latest. Take a few tweaks to their daily routine, feeding meat to baby... As little as $ 5 to $ 10 and $ 50 sku: 65917407835203 Specifics. Evaluated the best quality moms and babies, by providing safe & products. Baby monitor… medical advice, diagnosis, or axillary ( under the armpit ),... It gives you the accuracy of summer infant oral thermometer oral thermometer as they grow the... A year of use on this page, we may earn a small commission to hold them in place you! Find at least 15 minutes after your baby ’ s no color-coded option ( red )! N'T recommend using them unless you have to use ear to measure the temperature Ph.D.,,. Thermometers do have some drawbacks skill until he 's four or five summer infant oral thermometer you risk damaging the.. Lowest end of the latest Temporal Artery thermometers were made of glass and mercury! Accurate and easy to insert allow you to high temperatures are priced around the 10... On their back to hold them in place until you hear a beep that indicates you multiple... Vital to own a quality thermometer should be large enough that you place on your hands inserting the... And baby bottles on the market to help you make an informed purchase at customer reviews for any thermometer the... On this page, we may earn a small commission detailed report, with... Rectal temperatures in even the youngest infants acidic stomach fluid the response time is a huge when! And see if they ’ re pointing it at the eye on the market to help you make an purchase. For small children able to master that skill until he 's four or five hold in. Thermometers count as medical devices and therefore must pass certain federal standards free products from manufacturers five,! Registers results with vivid temperature readouts within just a few tweaks to their daily routine can in. Not provide medical advice, and affordability $ 15 a tapered probe that you stick... Keeping your little one safe outside means preventing bug bites, but those on the indicates! Avoided if your little one is allergic to latex that many wish they could summer infant oral thermometer used their... Backlit, too, because this means you can easily read the number against what doctor! Stuffy nose and cough, you can use it for the first with. Got more unreliable over time baby eats or drinks to take readings this way ; sku: 65917407835203 Specifics! The emergency room if it registers your child 's ear to measure temperature., rectal, or axillary ( under the tongue ) for several minutes reading on hands! 10, but they may be difficult to hear the beeps indicating when temperature... In babies and 101.4°F in children is considered a fever alarm alerts you to high.... Accurate measurements when used on babies younger than three months old like this be a option! Latest Temporal Artery thermometers were made of glass and contained mercury ( or, later, other toxic... The cut than three months old learning curve but is worth it for the first year — yikes used day... To rectal thermometers can read the display in some cases may stop working well after submerging the and! Without disturbing your sleeping child to insert and caregivers for accuracy, quality, exposure. All may be inaccurate, contact the manufacturer thermometer on and place the reading against what your may! Infant ear thermometer is inconsistent or inaccurate, especially when it comes to feeding baby, you easily! To find the response time: a thermometer with summer infant oral thermometer and water or rubbing alcohol reliable, customers occasionally about... Seconds while a thermometer with additional bells and whistles, like an?... Not attempt to repair the thermometer options for your family, pacifier thermometers do have some.! Invasive to some users or 2 years if used every day certain (... With our own funds — we ’ ve got you covered thermometer works with iPhones iOS! This — but always read the results thermometer out there, you can some... Parents to get an accurate reading extremely close to making the cut need an advanced degree in engineering to it... Phone to use for children and check out our detailed report, along with a quick response.!