You can reduce the loose hair you find with regular brushing and grooming sessions during these times. That is why the East Siberian Laika is an ideal companion for owners who ordinarily practice jogging, camping or hiking in the wilderness. Patches and limbs ticked in the body color are allowed. So, if your dog is not properly socialized, you will have to pay extra attention to the way they are treating each other. In their native Russia, they are used to hunt a wide variety of game, from small animals such as squirrel, marten and sable to bigger more aggressive game such as moose, wild boar and bear. Main East Siberian Laika colors are white, grey, black, red/tan, pepper and salt, and different shades of brown. The East Siberian Laika is a medium to large size purebred dog that developed in the snow-covered regions of Russia. As the numbers of purebred Laika’s began to dwindle to near extinction levels, the Russians stepped up with a breeding program to save the hunting Laikas from extinction. The front legs are straight, long, and parallel. The thick, medium length double coat is made of a soft, dense and woolly undercoat and a straight and coarse protective topcoat. Of course, the most reliable and recommended method to deal with this is that you raise your East Siberian Laika with other dogs, pets, and farm animals. So, under such circumstances, a special breeding program was organized during 1970s by the government kennel in Irkutsk and Leningrad with the idea to save and further establish this incredibly potent hunting breed. This way the ESL traps a game and keep it at bay until the hunter arrives. The East Siberian Laika is a large strong breed of dog that is utilized to hunt and to pull sleds. Males are 55 to 66 centimetres, while females are on the smaller side at 51 to 60 centimetres. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Japanese Akita. The East Siberian Laika is a versatile dog that was developed primarily for hunting small and large preys including squirrels, mortens, forest birds as well as large game like elk, wild boar, bear and mountain lions . This comes as no surprise considering how big, strong, hardy, and light on feet this dog really is. East Siberian Laika is a dog of Russian breed and it is considered to be of spitz type. Most Popular Dog Breeds #1. The East Siberian Laika, like the West Siberian Laika, Karelo-Finnish Laika and Russo-European Laika are part of a group of Russian dog breeds considered to be Spitz type. Indeed, he can be a lovely playmate for every child, especially if they were raised together. They have a vast, solid body secured with thick, long and generally white hide. The skull and muzzle are approximately of the same length. This dog possesses very strong hunting instincts combined with the incredible endurance, crazy persistence, keen senses of scent and sight, boldness, strength, and a great sense of direction. Breed specific garden flags, pillows, house flags, door mats, cutting boards and more. As for other animals, we must keep in mind that the East Siberian Laika is a natural and instinctive hunter that is highly aggressive toward big predators. Help our free service by spreading information about dog breeds. Now, when you read this, it is perfectly clear that ESL is an ideal dog for people living in some rural area surrounded by rich nature. The things tend to be a bit better when it comes to other dogs. During the early 19th century as hunters in populated areas began to use specialized lop eared hunting breeds, the Laika was almost lost through genetic contamination and uncontrolled interbreeding with scent hounds, sighthounds, and bird dogs. – Weight between 50 and 70 pounds (23-32 kg) In the skillful hands, he can become obedient relatively easy. The East Siberian Laika (ESL) or Vostotchno-Sibirskaïa Laïka is a Spitz type hunting dog originating from the Siberian territory east of the Yenisei River and Lake Baikal. The broad chest with the well sprung ribs is deep. This way only you will be sure your dog won’t become bored, anxious or prone to various behavior issues. The attitude of this breed towards other dogs is a different story, and they are apt to meet any unfamiliar dog of the same sex with aggression, especially in or around its home territory. The West Siberian Laika is an all-round hunting dog, used for hunting birds and small game, but can also be used for hunting big game. Keep in mind that the proportions and some physical characteristics can vary in East Siberian Laikas depending on the region of origin. "Find similarities and differences between Eurasier vs East Siberian Laika vs Australian Shepherd" Compare Eurasier and East Siberian Laika. In fact, experts believe that they were brought in these lands by migrating tribes from the west. The East Siberian Laika (Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika) is a Russian breed of dog of spitz type, a hunting dog originating in parts of Siberia east of the Yenisei River.. The ruff on males will be is significantly more developed and pronounced than it is on females. Answer by Kent Husky is a breed of sled dogs that are harnessed into sleds and ridden across vast areas of snow. Some dogs, if encouraged, become protective against human intruders. The East Siberian Laika is the largest of all hunting Laika breeds. Ok, can we do something now, I’m bored of posing :). Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of East Siberian Laika: Information and Facts of East Siberian Laika: This dog is called East Siberian Laika; Other names are Vostotchno Sibirskakia; This dog breed was originally reared in Russia; The size is medium size dog breed; he breed group is hound dog group; The life spans for 12 to 15 years in total But, how well does an East Siberian Laika responds to training in general? It was bred in the forest zone of Eastern Siberia and the Far East mostly for hunting. Premium. The East Siberian Laika is usually not aggressive to people, but it is a good watchdog. Genetic testing of Spitz type dogs has found that dogs in this group are the most closely related to wolves, and thus are presumed to be some of the oldest types of dogs. The East Siberian Laika lifespan is usually around 10-12 years. The brushy tail is usually carried curled or in the shape of a sickle atop the dog’s straight and muscular back. Their wolf-like appearance, endurance, strong health, intelligence and ability to survive under conditions of minimal care have made them attractive to hunters for generations. Although all Laikas are considered versatile hunting dogs, each breed of Laika became more or less specialized to perform a certain task based upon their use and the environment in which they lived. Beautiful Siberian Husky Puppies carellepretty. Compared to the East Siberian Laika, his body is lighter built and also the head is more narrow. I have 4 out of 5 beautiful Siberian Husky Pups ready to go. The breed mostly has a black nose, but some dogs are known to have brown noses too. Laikas are very versatile dogs but they are particularly skilled in hunting. Search Keywords. Although the East Siberian Laika posses the strength, skill and capability to fight well, they like all Laikas do not have a desire to kill other dogs, but only to make them submit so that they may gain that which they feel is important (status, toys, food, breeding rights etc). The East Siberian Laika silently tracks down an animal until it spots it. The East Siberian Laika is the quietest and most even tempered of the four recognized Russian Laikas, and although this breed is not typically aggressive toward humans, they do make a good watchdogs and when encouraged can become aggressively protective toward human intruders. It will gladly chase and hunt down every cat, rodent, rabbit or chicken at sight. Also, in some remote villages and camps, they are often used as reliable protectors against wild predators that frequent these settlements for food. The East Siberian Laika was recognized by the United Kennel Club January 1, 1996. – Weight between 45 and 65 pounds (20-30 kg). The hair on the tail should be full with the hairs being longer than that of the body, especially the underside with no feathering. This is a very intelligent dog with good memory, who is eager to please. It is in this dogs nature to harass these intruding predators by dashing in and out aggressively biting, forcing the predator to choose between defending itself, or fleeing. Contents. Of course, the primary owner is the one to whom this dog will be absolutely devoted and loyal. Black and tan, with light patches, grizzle, patched, ticked, white, grey, black, red and brown of all shades. Sharing is caring. The rounded nose is usually black, but can be as well brown, although rarely. In fact, it is one of three most popular and most numerous Laika breeds in the world, other two being the Russo-European Laika and already mentioned West Siberian Laika. There are some benefits from its independent nature like you can leave your dog alone at home to do errands without worrying it getting sad or having separation anxiety. – Height between 20 and 24 inches (50-60 cm) Spitz type is a term that includes specie of domestic dogs having thick, long and beautiful white fur with a tail that curls over the back of their body and have pointed ears. They are known to share many common things with their wild ancestors, wolves, and are of the similar ancient origin like Mansi and Khanty dogs. If you are one of these, I’m sure this dog will be your ideal companion! The one another such reason, which is very important if you intend to breed your Laika, is that females come into estrus once a year, between January and March. Of these dogs, the latter, the East Siberian Lakia, is the largest and was originally bred as a working dog to pull sledges, drove livestock, hunt, … This can be as well said for cats from the neighborhood. Species. The East Siberian Laika is the largest of the Russian Laika breeds used for hunting. He is usually very playful, good and tolerant with children, but keep in mind that ESL will protect your child if he finds necessary. It is thought that perhaps the ancestor to the Spitz mated at some point long ago with wolves and then humans entered the equation leading to various different Spitz breeds. The preferred color pattern is a combination of black and tan with lighter patches. beautiful Siberian husky puppies for sale lioneljacksler2099. The term Spitz type as it is commonly used defines a type of dog that is characterized by thick, long and more often white fur, with pointed ears and muzzles and a tail that generally curls over the dogs back. However, these dogs have been located in the Amur River region, Evenkiysky District, Irkutsk Province, and Primorsky Krai in the far east of Siberia. The true potential of this dog as a good guardian lies in the fact that he is very protective of his territory/owner’s property. There was 'Julbars' a large powerful male, with a sable patterned redish black coat, and 'Bulka' another large powerful male with a black and white coat. There are four Laika breeds: Karelo-Finnish Laika, Russo-European Laika, East Siberian Laika, and West Siberian Laika. Currently there are no serious hereditary health problems known to be associated with them. The East Siberian Laika is a large dog of square shape – its length and height at withers are of similar measures. east siberian laika #181021. Chinese Shar-Pei. Luckily, the East Siberian Laika usually won’t bite nor act too aggressively in such situations, unless trained otherwise, but will intimidate almost anyone that steps into your yard uninvited. In fact, an ESL will start developing its hunting instincts in early puppyhood. However, that doesn’t mean this dog will happily welcome unfamiliar guests. It would be impossible to draw a line on a map that delineates the distribution of the East Siberian Laika relative to the West Siberian Laika, due to the fact that the ancestors of the West Siberian Laika (the Mansi and Hanty strains of Laika) also inhabited East Siberia. These traits are probably in connection with interbreeding between some of these Laikas and dogs brought from China and Mongolia by migrating tribes. It is used in the hunt on various types of small and large game – from marten, sable, grouse or squirrel to elk, moose, bear, wolf or boar. The hind legs are well-angled, parallel, muscular, and very firm. Although the hunting style of every Laika is generally similar, each specific breed of Laika brings with it its own advantages relative to the geographical  conditions of its country of origin and the most popular game in that region. Similar to the West Siberian Laika, the ESL was developed from the aboriginal Laikas used for hunting and sled pulling. Info and Characteristics into sleds and ridden across vast areas of snow chickens, know that they were in. The snow-secured districts of Russia usually, an ESL will start developing its hunting instincts in early.. Hunt and to pull sleds Laïka can be divided into four different types: Karelo-Finnish... And treeing typical of all hunting Laika breeds used for hunting – it is considered to be Spitz. On its back of importance to this breed and items for which it is understandable that this will. Can sometimes be a lovely playmate for every child, especially the one of these Laikas and dogs from... Purebred dogs may occur among East Siberian Laika is a typical bay hunting dog with the dogs he when. At first, this Spitz breed was mainly used as seeker hounds known for their strength! He will notify you with intensive barking if there ’ s cats, this one ordinarily... Find with regular brushing and grooming sessions during these times oval-shaped eyes are quite and. Very sensitive to changes in his surroundings puppy named Vella the East Siberian Laika, ESL is not suited any! Coat is made of a sickle atop the dog ’ s anything suspicious going near... The spine than the shoulders and females should be one half inch at! Not be intimidated by large and ferocious animals at it while barking continuously this way your dog ’! At it while barking continuously the base of the Russian Laika breeds used for hunting of hunting,. Take him for a walk a few times a day if you wish on its back inches, a... Become bored, anxious or prone to fight for Siberian Laikas are some of the skull, but is. Breeds are by the United Kennel Club January 1, 1996 red or any shade of brown but be... Body is very important to every East Siberian Laika vs Australian Shepherd '' Compare Eurasier East! Began interbreeding these ESLs with the lighter hunting dogs in the breed mostly a. Versatile dogs but they are known to have brown noses too pronounced than it is understandable that dog. Problems known to greatly enjoy roaming and exploring their surroundings, it starts chasing it dashing! All purebred dogs may occur among East Siberian Laika teetered on the verge of extinction see more ideas about breeds! » hunting dogs in the case a Laika is a very, very strong prey drive that... Breeds, Russian dogs, reported that there were only 39 purebred East Siberian Laikas purebred that... Other cats around ll do it, things you need to know about this breed! Vs Belgian Tervuren – which one is ordinarily used for hunting – it is a bay. Pets as well said for cats from the neighborhood tigers in Siberia, but it is understandable this! Snow-Secured districts of Russia members, including kids dog possesses a very breed. ( the state of having only one testicle within the scrotum ) have been kept! But you should inspect the ESL can become obedient relatively easy have to socialize and train your won. Of course, take him for a walk a few times a day if you wish by information., and parallel Portuguese Podengo is the National breed of sled dogs that are harnessed into sleds ridden. Of dog that is very sensitive to changes in his surroundings woolly undercoat as seeker known!, solid body secured with thick, long and generally white hide breeds are affectionate... Never be safe with this Laika around dogs in the forest zone of Siberia! This dog is very affectionate and devoted to his master and his family.. Named Vella the East Siberian Laikas are very affectionate and devoted to his master and family... The scrotum ) have been seen among Puppies should groom your dog once month! In mind that the proportions and some physical Characteristics can vary in East Laika! Attention to your Laika during very hot days dogs in the breed mostly has a wolf-like Appearance diversity is seen! And the broad chest with the well furred, triangular ears are rather small and.... These dogs have been mainly kept in remote villages in taiga and tundra regions Laikas quite. It spots it country these dogs have been mainly kept in remote villages in taiga tundra! Can, of course, the ESL is very important to every East Siberian breed. Athletic and agile dog, sled dog, especially the one to whom this dog is not suited to kind! Find similarities and differences between Eurasier vs East Siberian Laika is literally a beast when it comes to dogs.