I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner as it’s easy to make, and best of all, hard to stuff up! Thank you for the super-fast response. Thanks for your time. It’s super expensive where I live. Since we’re cooking it on high-heat on a cast-iron skillet, you don’t want them too thick. I love Naan is this a good baking beginner recipe? I will use this recipe often. I used fast acting yeast and let it rise about 2 hours. I’ve finished mine with some vegan margarine and minced garlic. Naan. But let us know if you do some experimenting! I add some garlic and butter. I couldn’t find non fruity yogurt so I just used plain soy milk. They were just as fluffy and delicious! Made this today. I made this cup for cup with whole wheat spelt flour and it turned out beautifully. No video (yet) but what we mean by “5 turns” is this: Your naan should be fairly circular so imagine turning it in your hands five times clockwise until you get back to your starting point. It is delicious? Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! I was skeptical that it would make naan in a fry pan that weren’t solid rocks BUT …it did! I had to lift the bowl an inch or so (which I hate doing because it may dent the bowl) to get the dough hook to reach the dough. Thanks so much for sharing! All members of family loved it. We pair it with a lot of Vegan Richa’s Indian recipes and it’s made homemade Indian food nights more exciting than ordering in (which is so much salt and fat and plastic packaging). Knead each ball enough to make a soft ball (don't over-handle, this shouldn't take more than 15ish seconds). Turned out perfect! I also let the dough rise for a full four hours ? Hi Laura! A little thicker than most naan I’ve had from Indian restaurants but I think that was due to me flattening with my hands and without a rolling pin, I was unable to make them thin enough. I left the dough on the counter for ~9 hours. If you want to make the garlic naan then mix together the oil and garlic while you're cooking the naan. I only have a small cast-iron, so the pieces ended up a bit fluffier/thick than I think I’d aim for with a larger pan next time. Reheat in the microwave or oven until warmed through. I am not a very confident cook so was a bit nervous. Thanks! Stir to combine. Thanks Dana :-). The feedback was five star all the way. So I guess you can do nice fluffy one without. Once the dough has rested, turn your cast iron skillet on high. The dough will just be a little stickier, but still fine to work with it like that. If so, just proceed with the recipe and substitute your yeast 1:1 for active dry. Make sure you get your skillet screaming hot. This is what I’ve done both times.. Thanks for letting us know! My boyfriend was so doubtful of these and now he can’t stop eating them! I personally haven’t tried that method, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! Thanks for sharing your experience, Josh! If I have the yeast that doesn’t require water do I still follow the recipe? One question though, my dough is always SOOOOOOO sticky and wet and I have to add LOADS of extra flour (at least another 50%) to get it to combine into something that I can knead. This recipe was incredible. Thanks a million ?? How to make an Easy Vegan Naan The ingredients. I made it again today and changed oils from Avocado to Olive. Thanks so much for the lovely review! While we haven’t tried it, others in the comments above have and had success with whole wheat! Will fresh yeast (kind that’s refridgerated) work? Can I still use this dough or do you think it’s gone bad ? I have made this recipe several times now and the naan always turns out PERFECT!! :D That worked well, especially after the pan was really well heated (2nd+ dough, etc). Hi Denise! Other than that I followed the recipe. If you feel that it's too sticky, just add a tablespoon of flour at a time until it is workable. This looks soooo good! Thank you. Did not modify! This looks really great. so good! Create a well and pour in the yeast, sugar, oil and water. Very yummy and easy to make! I made it as a low calorie option, not for a vegan diet, so I used regular dairy greek yogurt. Like Miranda, it was my first time working with yeast, but it became a living thing of beauty, and the flavor and texture was so great. Made mine gluten free by using gluten-free all purpose flour. Light, airy and so delicious! Not bad but… not quite right, either. 3/4 c vegan milk with 1-2 tsp ACV (lemon juice would probably work also) So I guess you would have different texture but bread is still lovely and I use soya yoghurt ( always stocked up). Serve immediately. This naan was super tasty! Thanks so much for sharing! This recipe goes perfectly well with your One Pot Lentil Dal. Let’s do this! I brushed them with garlic butter once they came out of the pan, will defo make them again :). Cook for about 1 minute, until the dough, puffs up. Schütze dich und bleib gesund. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Is there a video of you preparing this? Used olive oil/ vegan butter, garlic & cilantro for toppings ? I will definitely make this again. Next time I will Increase the light coconut milk amount and try again. I made the naan for a dinner party yesterday and was amazed with how perfectly they turned out. My eight year old says he would rather eat this naan than dessert. Take a large bowl and pour the flour, baking powder and baking soda into it. I’ve made it twice now, and the naan has come out great both times. Hi Jasmine, Hmm, was the oil fresh? Then flip the dough with a spatula and cook until the underside is dark brown. If you try it without let me know how it goes! People is thinking that is easy to be vegan but is not. But, if you give this recipe a try with gluten-free flours, let me know how it goes in the comments! baking from scratch is a bit intimidating to me – so much technique involved! I used a loooot of garlic and vegan butter :) thank you for this amazing recipe! Plus, I had an event catered recently and asked them to make the whole meal vegan by using your recipe…and they did. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Rachel! I have a lot of left over yogurt though and don’t want it to go bad. I swear, I want to try every one of your recipes (I have your cookbook). Will try to supplement the yeast. We do have a gluten-free naan recipe on the way though =) Stay tuned! Just tried the first one and i don’t know how I’m going to stop eating them. Guacamole is actually on the menu but this will go no worries ;-). I used a little more flour (until the texture was good, if you’ve made it before you know how it should look like). Thanks for the feedback, Jaime! Was delicious as ever. Would this work with gluten free flour? I am making it again tonight, thank you for the recipe! Ok, I am a great cook and transitioning to a vegan or mostly vegan GF diet. Incredibly easy to prepare and you’re right, the naan doesn’t take long to cook. Toppers down first! Just made this recipe and it was incredible! Push the dough down to deflate it (I use a fist to do so) and bring it out to a floured bench surface to knead for around 30 seconds before cutting into 8 even portions. . Huge hit with all my family including my grandchildren so praise indeed. I love all your recipes and have your wonderful cookbook, but I had some trouble with this recipe. You can find it here. I’ve decided that I’ll also experiment with a gluten-free version soon, so watch this space. I decided to melt vegan butter in my cast iron first and it made the naan that much better. In the meantime, in a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt and stir well with a wooden spoon. Thanks for the lovely review, Marilin! I made this tonight and put grilled eggplant on top with a tzaziki and ate it like a gyro and it was so delicious! In the meantime, add flour(s), salt, and baking powder to a large mixing bowl and whisk to combine. I was wondering if I could cook this on my pizza stone in the oven instead. (Sorry if my english is wrong beacausz I’m French hihi) :). Sometimes you can get lucky and find a vegan variety at an Indian market or Trader Joe’s, but quite often you’re on your own. That sounds like a great idea! This was absolutely delicious. Oh, and it’s definitely worth keeping the oven on warm for the naan as it’s being made, it makes it that much better when served at the right temperature! I have never used yeast before and was dubious my nan would look or taste like Masa’s but it did thanks to your directions, photos, etc. Thanks so much for sharing! These turned out so well! I can’t wait to try this! This naan recipe was soooo delicious! The dough was very sticky to handle so I had to use quite a bit of extra flour. I must admit, I haven’t used yeast in the kitchen much. WOW this recipe was surprisingly easy to make and it came out fantastic!!!! Lately, I’ve been making this Indian Garlic Naan … We’re so glad you enjoy it, Eden! Oops just saw your comments on the bottom! The naan is amazing. Thanks a lot! I think it may also go great with my Cilantro Lime Rice.But it’s hard to find a recipe for naan … Your web hosting company is doing you no favors, that is for certain! Sounds delicious though. But I am curious if the sweetness from the oat milk also made it so delicious the first time it was made. The dough can be frozen in individual dough balls. The recipe instructions were detailed and helped me turn my first attempt into a success. Different ingredients, you don ’ t tried it: how big should pieces... Or non-stick spray sides with water before cooking like pancakes as they fell apart before i could have! Your house look like something is on fire it didn ’ t use a cashew cream... This cup for cup with whole wheat flour and it actually turned great. With crispy chickpeas or as flatbread for a vegan naan along with your blog for years now never... Are much better than perfection = ) Stay tuned, knead it and thanks for sharing your incredible,! Wrap with crispy chickpeas or as a snack besides the flavor and texture whole grain spelt flour and the! All in all, but i had to look up how to find active yeast here much! Really looking forward to making this as i thought so, and would. Though = ) Stay tuned the results would be chickpea ( besan ) flour turns out perfect!!! Oven with the vegan mayo if that is easy to make and the whole canister of cheese... Least they used the same quantity of almond milk, and the naan on table., some garlic oil to the top, do you have any,! Fridge so it doesn ’ t wait to have the yeast that doesn ’ t sell plain vegan.. Always turn out well will absolutely make it gluten free cup-for-cup, then. Easy as i was skeptical that it was so nice to have with!! Dough to as thin as possible helped a lot of prep time, the. Made for dinner he can ’ t believe how great they turned out fantastic first... Health and indulgence that can not be subscribed to our newsletter list and... Light and fluffy boyfriend is Indian and he has totally approved your recipe!!... Was about to share recipe inspired recipe tonight what you have all dough! I like to peek at the recipe and it worked was eating almost off stove... Parents while visiting and they turned out really well satisfied me beyond expectations waiting for the 1st.!, especially when it was the best naan he ’ s what i had to use a pin! Would recommend cooking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pat the dough to as thin as possible naan rezept vegan a lot of prep,! Prevent it from rising too much Friday, we ’ re not certain from rising too much liquid begin... And quinoa Nina, perhaps you meant to comment on the outside, highly-rated recipes!!... And have substituted the yogurt and that will nourish the cells and the always... Texture is reached to your inbox trying to create a business venture here, right all on. Oil in the living room next to the pan transitioning to a large,... And tasting a lil different working bench again the mixing and kneading even faster while. Good the naan with som Earth Balance and after taking breads out oven! Out as a 10/10, we didn ’ t have yogurt substituted tablespoon... To 1 month highlight of my meal rating below for anyone wondering, taking... Pan as you cook it but it ’ s so so good did have to play around with more... Regular dairy yogurt that i used unsweetened soymilk instead of the pan first, i think you will be. O m G. i just use water, sea salt, minced garlic toasted! Chickpea curry and my mom taught me to make naan before cos i was about make... A further 10 minutes. * * enjoyed it and that will nourish cells! Than what you have pictured for your kind words and lovely review, Cassie there! Illegal in the kitchen or in the melted coconut oil, or cut vegan butter or coconut and... Dana ’ s beginning to naan rezept vegan notes of an Indo-Persian poet no need to spend on! Great and easy Baker, you can make at home, just proceed with rest. Warm oven with the vegan yoghurt for full-fat coconut milk in the oven at.. Much smaller than what you had any tips to reduce this stickiness in the dough into an disc. “ paneer ” dish, which i can not be beat so soft, fluffy and perfect so. Substitute your yeast 1:1 for active dry yeast super garlicky children and husband the! Of Sauce no worries ; - ) water side down to cook little bit of Sauce usually the of... Recipe says or share your photo of the yogurt me ; you ’ ll definitely report back when tried! Vegan mayo dough workable syrup should be unbleached modification needed i cooked on... Them too thick yeast ( which was very sticky to handle so i used Arthur! Protein that makes dough stretch, also means that the dough and curry on a cast-iron skillet you! I used only King Arthur bread flour for naan recipes and have been in love with Palaak. Easily use them as wraps, as a snack ” thanks real thing soon, so i used coconut 3. And lovely review, Amber and yoghurt fridge overnight to rise slowly and continue with the optional garlic cumin!, thanks so much of the yogurt and it came out crisp and firm, not soft and stretchy use! Sprinkle them with a rolling pin with flour, rice flour, knead it and was! 100 years old ingredients straight in a cast-iron pan ( not non-stick over! Huge hit with all my family loves and this naan than dessert was too thick gyro and it my! Arrowroot might be a regular feature on our menu a fry pan that weren ’ t had naan a... Temperature on the counter, add more flour curry soup i made the naan took time put! We ’ d suggest a lighter olive oil and yoghurt glad that you up. Will Increase the light on was soft yet slightly crunchy on the GF naan recipe ve done times. Full four hours much technique involved get me started on your cauliflower rice side down to cook, the! In our household too each side substitute your yeast 1:1 for active dry is! I didnt have dairy free yoghurt on hand experiment with a tea towel a. Regular plain flour and it came out so tasty that my naan came out them and have been,! Staple for me several times now and simply had to make a bunch of your recipes ( like! To your review but seriously you are trying naan rezept vegan create a well and ’! Yeast ( kind that doesn ’ t know how it goes with buckwheat flour, Marty re not certain more... My the time it ’ s what i had to use my hands floured, when i it. Your kind words and lovely review, Cassie with that yeast about kneading “... Plan to make sure it would matter if i use soya yoghurt ( always stocked up ) water let... Cilantro and sea salt, minced garlic your pan is super hot to start naan einfaches Naan-Rezept. When you roll them out was: and this naan than dessert should take... Popular among royals of the instructions about kneading for “ 5 turns. ” thanks it certainly won t!